We see numerous injuries due to the toy or chewable treat owner’s give to their pets. I encourage owners to try these three test prior to giving the item to their own pet.

1. First test we call the “Thumb Nail Test” does your thumb nail penetrate the item? If Not, it may be too hard for your pet.
2. Second Test, “Bending the Item with your own hands”; Does it bend? If NOT, it may be too hard.
3. Third and most important Test. Make sure you have Dental Insurance in place for yourself. Take the item, and place it into your own mouth. Before biting down on the item, you must remove the “Power of Reasoning” Bite down with every thing you have. If it cracks your own tooth DO NOT give to your pet!

The reason behind using your own human teeth, is that humans have about 2 mm of enamel covering our incisor teeth, and 3 mm of enamel covering our molars. The Dogs thickest area of enamel is the lower first molar and it is right at 1 mm thick. What gets them into trouble is the tremendous force they exert on teeth. The seven muscles that open and close their mouth are much stronger than humans. This force will greatly vary depending on the breed and size of the pet. Some of the smallest breeds will have the same force that a human will have. Larger dogs can have up to 5 times the force of a human.